"My mom introduced me to pilates with Deborah about 2 months ago and I have been hooked ever since.  Since starting I feel SO much stronger and better about my body.  Classes with Deb are my main weekly exercise and I always feel accomplished and energized afterwards." - Julia

Dear Deb:  I just got off the phone with XXXX XXXX, who was absolutely raving about you.  She thanked me profusely for hiring  you.  To be even more specific, she loved your warm, caring attitude, your love of this field, your concern for others, your flexibility, and your eyes (yes, it's true).  She said because of you she is coming here twice a week and is using equipement she never dreamed she would use.  Keep up the great work! - (letter from previous supervisor at Cornell University)

"Outstanding customer service!" - M

"I feel safe with you even when I'm struggling.  You are knowledgeable and skilled" - Michelle

"Your class is excellent! the intensity of the workout is right, the group is fun, the skill cues are timely - I love it!" - Lisa

"I've noticed a difference in my body shape - my pants fit more loosely around the hips and behind!" - Marsha

"I like that the class is fun and that you hold us accountable by asking what we did for exercises the past week and when we did our Pilates Homework." - A

I really like your Pilates classes! unlike most yoga/pilates type classes, the focus of your class is doing the move properly and effectively, not just excessively!  I can tell your classes are making my core stronger, which I like because it helps me to support my spine when sitting, standing or dancing!" - Ariel

"I feel like I'm doing something good for myself and my body, for a change"

"Your studio is really a wonderful place and you make the workouts fun!" - J

"Your class is enlightening to my body and the different muscle sets and how they work together or apart.  You have good knowledge of muscular anatomy and impart this in a nice manner to the client.  Nice to see different ways of presenting alternative movements to people when they are unable to make a certain movement." - Jane 

"I wanted you to know (my son) passed the PT test with 5 pushups to spare! Thanks for your help!  He is Infantry-Airborne and is now in Afghanistan." - Ellen

"Thanks for the reminder about goal setting!  It made me think about how I focused on my business goals during January and kinda forgot about my wellness ones.  Time to get back on track!" - Jackie

"I really enjoy the class! It was good to be in your lovely, calm studio. I enjoy being in a small enough group so I can get individual attention when needed - for example, when my leg strength takes over my core work!  and to be reminded of breathing and shoulder placement.  I enjoyed using all of your props: balls, bands, weights, etc!  good to get 'out of the box'." - Chris

"I can't tell you how much learning the Practice (Pilates) has enriched my life.  Your instruction, always kind, gentle and quietly focused meant the world to me". - Bryn

"Deb is wonderful to work with, she is encouraging, supportive and she makes the whole time spent with fun!  I truly enjoy my time with her." Darlene

"I think you are absolutely wonderful.  I appreciate the extra energy you put into cues, paying attention to everyone's technique and levels, changing up the routine to make it fun, and your email tips, encouragement and overall healthy outlook." - Cindy

" In the fall of '12, I was a first time Grandma who was unable to carry and lift my granddaughter without fear of hurting my weak and vulnerable arthritic back.  My friend, who had already been doing Pilates at GrowFit studio recommended it to me.  It was with great trepidation that I went, because three previous personal trainers had been responsible for hurting my back.  Mrs. Newman learned my physical issues and was extremely sensitive to my limitations in  my Pilates work.  I am thrilled to say that I have grown much stronger and more flexible.  This has been invaluable in not only my everyday life, but when being with my granddaughter!" = Max

"Here's the deal:  I absolutely love my Pilates Instructor, Deborah Newman, who specializes in doing fitness/wellness programs for women in small groups or privately.  If you've never done Pilates before, the words that pop into my head are "the most gentle, relaxing way to bring balance and core strength" .  It changes the way you think about moving throughout your everyday life.  It's not a heart-pumping cardio workout like Zumba...I think Pilates suits me better.  I know you will enjoy it.  Deb is phenomenal and just knows the right words, cues, reminders etc to use. Her gentleness and positive outlook match the movements." - Sharon

"Your instruction is very clear and professional" - Maureen

"I really like your video with the ball!!"- K

"I like using the equipment I have seen in stores, or have at home and didn't know what to do with it!" 

"Wonderful! Truly love and look forward to each week, even twice a week!  which I hate to exercise, so that was really amazing to me!" - Jayne