• Sessions at GrowFit Studio provide the individual attention needed to fully benefit from Pilates based fitness programs.  
  • The scenic, quiet location adds to the essence of mind-body exercise by providing an inspiring atmosphere with very little distraction.  
  • GrowFit Studio is fully equipped to provide fun, safe and effective exercise with a variety of equipment and props that clients can also have in their home for workouts inbetween sessions with Deborah.

Pilates is an approach to fitness, not just a series of 34 mat exercises to flatten your abs.  The key concepts of Alignment, Breathing, and Concentration transfer to every activity of daily living and exercise program.  Understanding and applying these concepts will improve your movement patterns in whatever you are doing!

The matwork is the foundation.  It will improve the strength and flexibility of your whole body.  Then build your fitness program with other activites you enjoy!  Challenge your body in new ways by working with the studio equipment.  Include aerobic conditioning. Nourish your body with whole foods.  Find rest to reduce stress.  

A Pilates based personalized fitness program will help you meet your healthy needs, abilities and goals!

Designing the right exercise program

is key to your Healthy success.