Deborah Newman, Certified Personal Trainer  

The best in effective, safe and enjoyable
Pilates based fitness instruction to women in all stages of life
Providing women in Ithaca, Lansing, Dryden and Cortland areas with the finest in private personal training, custom fitness and wellness programs .  Deborah operates a beautiful private studio located centrally between Tompkins and Cortland Counties.  Delivering unparalleled expertise, support, coaching, and personalized attention has made Growfit Studio the premier private fitness studio for women of all ages and fitness levels.
by appointment only ~ 1305 Peruville Road, Groton NY   13073



Everyone wants to feel good and enjoy life!   I will help you plan and keep up with a fitness program you will want to make part of your healthy lifestyle.     



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Women's Health Trainer and Entrepreneur Inspires Others with new release:  GrowFit with the Ball       

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The Reformer is the most popular and versatile piece of equipment used in Pilates workouts.  It allows the user to work their entire body while challenging core stability with a nice dose of resistance.  Throughout a Pilates workout, you are improving strength, coordination, flexibility and balance - all with little impact on joints. 

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Take Home Tools are an important part of a Personalized Fitness Program.  Try a Daily Five or Food Log!


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Fitness Shorts

Brief tips for your Healthy Lifestyle”

You are an exceptional personal trainer
I am breathing better, and can work longer periods of time without getting winded.
I most enjoyed learning a new form of exercise, strengthening my core, improving my balance, confidence and the relaxation aspect
I really enjoyed the individual sessions as opposed to the classes I have taken at other facilities because it allowed you to focus on and recommend...
excellent customer service
Thanks for all you do!
"I have never been so committed to a fitness program before"
My overall experience was very positive
I feel so good after all the stretching and core work
Your consideration of different needs for different people was impressive
"I like how it (Pilates) really is all about a lifelong effort.  I have always wanted to keep active as I get older.  This gives me...
"I can't tell you how much learning the practice has enriched my life"
Safe environment to try new exercises, without risk of being laughed at or hurting myself
"Your instruction, always kind, gentle and quietly focused, meant the world to me"
It was simply wonderful!
I like how you vary the exercises each class so that it keeps it interesting and working different muscles
I and others want you as a Personal Wellness Mentor
Growfit "Kudos" are all direct quotations from recent client feedback forms.   I cannot even begin to thank you for how much you...
"I've only been aware of my posture for a few days, but already I am getting better at it and can tell a difference"
You have a wonderful gift
I was always impressed by the depth and breadth of your knowledge, your personal concern for me, your thoughtful way of answering questions
I couldn't ask for any more from you
"Thank you for your patience and inspiration"
"The improvements to my strength, posture, flexibility and overall health have been very noticeable"
Each class was different and fun
"I cannot even begin to thank you for how much you helped me"
Your modifications for her made her feel valued and able
Thanks AGAIN and AGAIN
"Your Instruction, always kind, gentle and quietly focused, meant the world to me"
I have really enjoyed working with you
I like everything - the balance ball, the ball weights, and the mat work!
"It has been great, better than I ever expected"
You are knowledgeable and skilled
You are an excellent teacher
It has been a great experience for me
I feel safe with you even when I'm struggling
I think you are absolutely wonderful
Getting groups of women friends together to exercise is an especially great contribution to our community
I appreciate the extra energy you put into cues, paying attention to everyone's technique and levels, changing up the routine to make it fun
It was clear you were always watching for proper form and safety
"I have wanted to tell you how grateful I am to have had the chance to take Pilates will you for so many months."

Certified Instructor